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  • Soon pups!
        Fader: Nordic Champion IPO 3 Black Workers Crash
        Moder: IPO 1 BLACKNECK'S B'VIA

    Breeding date: 2018-07-02.
        Will be born: 2018-09-03.
        Ready for delivery: 2018-10-28.
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  • Planned litter!
        Father: Svensk Mästare, IPO 3, SE BCH (IPO), Väktarhund BLACKNECK'S B'COCCO
        Mother: Väktarhund BLACKNECK'S B'ZAGA

    Planned breeding: okt 2018.
        Planned birth: dec 2018.
        Planned delivery date: feb 2018.
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  • Planned litter.
        Father: Sökh 1 APOLLO IWARRUSSKENNEL
        Mother: SE BCH spår, Sph 3, Sökh 3 BLACKNECK'S B'XAYA

    Planned breding date : dec 2018.
        Planned birth date: feb 2019.
        Planned delivery date: april 2019.
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    If you are interested in a pup, our recommendation is to pre-book your pup early.
    The price for a pup is 16500 SEK (Swedish Krona), including Pet Passport.

    We only breed for the ultimate working malinois! If you want a dog for show, you are in the wrong place! We only use hard tested working dogs in our breeding program, to guarantee your satisfaction when buying a dog from us. All dogs that we use in our breeding have excellent hips and elbows. Our dogs are well known police dogs, security dogs, military dogs and sporting dogs all over the world! All dogs are registered in the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK), member of the FCI. Sweden is rabies free.

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